Art By Amer SM


Custom Lamborghini Art Wrap

MCM Shop Live Painting
29 December 2020

by Amer Mohammed December 7, 2020

During the art Basel in Miami, I had the opportunity to work on an interesting graphics abstraction wrap project … It features Madonna and Marilyn Monroe as a feature on the hood and Gloss Yellow Clouds laid out in a contrasting and unique design, wrapped.

Each piece is always its own story, and just as any idea starts, there are a lot of back and forths with the client and I. Concepts take even longer than the actual piece sometimes, we are constantly looking for unique ways to portray something with subliminal undertones. Once we’ve figured out exactly what we are trying to relay to the audience, it’s then about every single detail that goes into it. It has to be perfect, it has to be something that resonates with you when you see it.

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