Amer Sal Mohammed, commonly known as Amer SM, is a mixed-media visual artist from Toronto Ontario. Amer is best recognized for his unique custom artwork concepts specializing in modern/contemporary pop culture work infused with high-end fashion designer brands.  An immigrant from Saudi Arabia, Amer was first introduced to art by his aunt, quickly finding his passion as he became exposed to endless combinations of colors, shapes & textures.

How long you have been in business?

Following a move to Canada, Amer enrolled in an art foundations course at Humber College, also working in the local entertainment scene. He’d put himself through school while keeping his fingers on the pulse of Toronto culture- and it wouldn’t take long for him to absorb that very heartbeat.  While entering the field of packaging and graphic design, Amer uncovered the many boundless, creative opportunities as an independent, paving the way to launching his first business, Digital Demand Studio_ in 2005.

Amer would go back to his roots in nightlife and began creating promotional media like business cards, websites, logos and flyers for local promotors, owners and events also using the platform to showcase his commissions. Since then, Amer has built an enterprise of creative and artistic businesses including his personal brand Art by Amer SM and Milli Interiors as well as a reputation for opulent pop-up art shows. In 2019, Amer featured at Art Basel in Miami, later opening the doors to his passion project, Toronto Gallery of Art.

In addition to Amer’s extensive portfolio, he’s become an artist-of-the-stars boasting a client list that includes Drake, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Tyga, Danny Green and Fred Van Vleet of the Toronto Raptors.  Most recently, Amer partnered with luxury brand MCM in their first ever Canadian lifestyle & live arts collaboration- providing customized designs on merchandise at their Yorkville location.

Amer’s favorite hobbies include listening to music, dining with friends at some of Toronto’s best restaurants and hanging out with his Boston Terrier bulldog, Picasso.