“Be Bold. Blitz the unknown and paint your own reality.” – Sajan Jose

As a young boy living in Saudi Arabia, Amer Sal Mohammed (also known as Amer SM) was first introduced to art by his Aunt, who opened his eyes to the endless combinations of colors, shapes and textures he could create if he only dedicated himself.

Art became an obsession, and the young boy excelled in all aspects, painting on anything he could find from papers to floors to walls.

As a young man, Amer moved to Toronto and lived in the heart of the city, absorbing its heartbeat, ingraining himself to the culture and nightlife with all the colorful boldness of youth.

For years he pursued his passion in the form of graphic design and found much success working with a wide-ranging clientele. But he never stopped honing his skills on the canvas and keeping an eye out for current trends before finally bursting onto the scene.

Now, he’s doing things no artist has done before—like incorporating diamonds into his artwork—and he continues to push forward in all aspects of life with the same boldness of youth.

My Work

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